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Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey Folks -
Tonight is Opening Night for our friends at Wildclaw Theatre's new show Legion - an adaptation to William Peter Blatty's sequel novel to The Exorcist! We attended the preview last night, and it really marks their biggest and most ambitious show yet! This is a very dense and complex novel to adapt for the stage, and the WildClaw crew has faced the challenge with intelligence, imagination, and passionate energy. The show stands as something of a departure from their previous work - it's a dark serial-killer drama and "who dunnit", wrapped in philosophical questions about the nature of evil. The script is full of sharp and witty exchanges, which its cast delivers with colorful characterizations. While it lacks the on-stage violence and gore of their previous productions, the Wildclaw folks still manage to deliver an powerfully ominous atmosphere, some wonderful suspense, and some genuinely chilling moments that are a complete delight.
Check out the trailer for this show here:
and go support Chicago's premiere Horror-Theater company!
Best to all,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey Folks -

Brian Kirst from the terrific website Horror Society was kind enough to review House of Black Wings, and wrote a terrific review!

Check it out here:

Horror Society also host great events and mini festivals for scary-movie fans here in Chicago, including their upcoming Women In Horror 2 on May 1st. They also recently launched Horror Society Live - a live radio webcast expanding their mission to be the voice of independent horror with reviews, news, and interviews. Tune in and check 'em out - they'll be broadcasting again Tonight!

Last but not least, this weekend is WildClaw Theater's Dance of the Demented benefit! Join them on February 20th at the Viaduct Theater for a madcap evening featuring astounding Artists, mesmerizing Music, fabulous Food & Drink, and far more - all to raise money for their world-premiere stage adaptation of William Peter Blatty's Legion. Read all the fabulous details here:

Best to all,


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey Folks -

Just wanted to point out two very cool projects. The first is a terrific little short film adapting a story by the always popular (at least around here) H.P. Lovecraft - The Silver Key. I think it's a great example of moody, evocative minimalist filmmaking, and great fun to boot! Solidly crafted visual storytelling and marvelous use of low-key performances, marvelous locations, and a terrific score. You can watch the whole movie here:

Also, a good friend hipped me to this documentary being shot about this creepy abandoned hospital in Singapore - Old Changi. There's not much up on their blog yet, but I've see some photos and read some stories that were really cool! It has a horrifying history, and some great legends attached to it. Check it out and follow as it unfolds - they should have more photos up soon. I think this is gonna be very fun. :D

Best to all,


Friday, January 22, 2010

Hey Folks -

Apparently this post is going to be all about links to trailers. :D

First - the charming & talented Tirf Alexius, who starred in House of Black Wings, recently posted this terrific looking pilot: Breathing Room. Aside form being a producer on the project, he is also one of the stars. Personally, I can't wait to see it. Check out the trailer here:


Recently I was inspired by discussion with friends online, and by the ever-excellent Dr A.C., to take a look back at my movie watching last year, and esp. my scary-movie watching. Making a count of rentals and theater views, I saw at least 64 genre films this year for the first time. (i.e.: Not counting re-watching old.)

The following are some random catagories that are completely subjective and IMHO. Enjoy!

Most Likely to become a "Classic": Let the Right One In

Most Old-Time Fun: Trick 'r Treat

Best Documentary: Not Quite Hollywood

Best Lovecraft films: Cthulhu and Pickman's Muse

Best "Family Friendly" Horrors: The Substitute and Coraline

Best terrific movie saddled by its distributor with a S#*tty Title: Alien Raiders

Best Sequel: Death Note II

Best Movie Made for under $1000: Colin

Other Enjoyable Runners Up:
The Lost
Jennifer's Body

Favorite "Finally Got Around to Seeing It" Films:
Long Weekend
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
Curse of the Werewolf
Alive, Sweet Alice

Fav 70's TV movies: The World Beyond and Satan's School for Girls.

Best Movie from 2009 that I didn't See Till 2010: Paranormal Activity

Films I'm Looking Forward To Seeing from last year:
Embodiment of Evil
The Hagstone Demon
House of the Devil
House of the Wolfman
I Sell the Dead

Best to all!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey Folks -

In the U.K. they have a tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas that goes back at least to the Victorians. I love this idea, and can't more strongly recommend digging up the short spooky tales of Charles Dickens, M.R. James, or one of the many other classic writers and soak up its atmospheric goodness. They're a perfect companion to the soft glow of holiday lights, a warm cup, and the icy wind whistling past your window. :D

But if you're looking for an earthier mix of holiday scares, then you should definitely head to The Portage Theater this Saturday (12/12/09), for Horror Society's "Holiday of Horrors Film Festival"! They're mixing slaying with sleigh-bells as they screen famous holiday horrors like Christmas Evil, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Black Santa's Revenge, and New Year's Evil!

You can get all the info, and watch the trailers here:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good Fright. ;D



Friday, November 06, 2009

Hey Folks -

The nifty guys over at Indy Mogul had a 60-second scary movie contest, and just posted the winners! You can check out all the creepy, creative, DIY no-budget fun here:


Runners up:

All these people are awesome. :)



Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hey Folks -

This time of year I always have people asking me "What's a good scary movie to watch?". It being the season for scares, I'm always happy to steer them toward the quality, lesser-known films that may have gotten passed over in the media barrage of some lame sequel or re-make.

Instead of taking home whatever you local video store has on it's top-rental shelf - why not check out one of these great little movies! I bet you'll be glad you did. :)

Let the Right One In - This may be the best horror movie in years. A quiet, slow-building foreign film about the strange friendship between a bullied young man and a mysterious little girl. Insightful, original, funny, moving, and just damn creepy.

See the Trailer here:

Trick 'r Treat - The perfect movie for the season! This black-comic delight revels in all the mythology and iconography of the holiday while weaving four different stories taking place on the scariest night of the year. This movie hits its tone perfectly, and is just a bag full of tampered treats. Fun!

Trailer here:

The Substitute - A class of school kids start to suspect that their beautiful but abusive new teacher is actually an otherworldly evil in this highly entertaining and mostly family-friendly chiller. Highly recommended.

Trailer here:

Alien Raiders - Ignore the bad SyFy title that the distributor slapped on it - this is a terrific, taunt, suspenseful SF thriller is the kind of well-crafted, scary fun that John Carpenter used to make. One of my favorites of the year!

Trailer here:

Cthulhu - Looking for something different? Check out this moody and disturbing adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's The Shadow over Innsmouth, which follows a college professor back to his coastal home town, only to uncover terrible secrets about his family, the town, and himself. A textured and rich movie full of lurking horrors and apocalyptic doom. Very cool.

Trailer here:

Whatever you watch - have a wonderful and spookie Halloween!!!



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