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Welcome to the Home of Sword & Cloak Productions!

Our movies aren't made by some big, faceless studio - they're made by a few dedicated people who love movies and love telling stories. We think stories - told with imagination, integrity, and feeling are better than the best special effects in the world. We make the kind of movies we love to watch and we hope you'll love them too. Thank you for checking out our titles. We hope you find both entertainment and inspiration here.


David Schmidt is the Artistic Director of Sword & Cloak.  He is a graduate of Columbia Collage of Chicago.  He spent years writing and directing live theatre, environmental performance, fiction writing, stage combat, and oral storytelling. He was Artistic Director for the History Repeats Itself Theatre Company, and Associate Street Director at The Bristol Renaissance Faire.  Since returning to his first love, he has written & directed short films and commericals, with an emphasis on genre and the fantastic.  He has helmed two feature films: SWORD OF HEARTS and HOUSE OF BLACK WINGS.  He's also committed to writing better and more active roles for women, and increasing representation in genre. 

– Joss Whedon

"Make Them Care."



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